So when I was about 4-5 Months pregnant with my daughter I would walk around the park to get some exercise. Of course walking by yourself was very boring so I asked my Aunt to Join me. I was very big at this time, a few steps had me sweating from my underboobs to my knees. I gained a total weight of 55Lbs. Don’t judge me I’m pregnant and I loved chocolate! Anyway, whenever my aunt and I would walk around Wasps and Bees would follow us. We were always swarmed by them. We didn’t carry any drinks or food so that couldn’t have been the reason. We would just be attacked by these bugs for no reason. So my aunt and I had a theory… Are bee’s attracted to pregnant women? I mean it makes sense, we have so many different hormones running through our bodies we might be giving out pheromones that bees are attracted to. Listen I have no knowledge about bees or what they like or don’t like. So we decided to look online. When you don’t know something, GOOGLE is your best friend. We searched and searched and this what we found on Ask Yahoo. Someone had asked the question “Are Bees attracted to Pregnant women?” and there was a reply from a Man. The reply to this question was:

“No one is attracted to pregnant women”.

I guess I got my answer.





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