Coming into motherhood was a real surprise. I was pregnant at 20 and didn’t even finish high school yet. While I was pregnant I was determined to at least finish high school. Which is what I exactly did! Hooray! unnamed (1)

Then my daughter was born and bills began piling up. So I got a job to pay for the necessities my baby needed. Then I came to the realization that a High School Diploma just isn’t enough. I needed to further my career to get paid more. I mean I can’t live paycheck to paycheck forever.

So here I am a couple years later. I am a full-time student studying Human Resource, I am a full-time receptionist at a wonderful company and I am a full-time mommy of 1 crazy ball of fire.

How do I do it? I used to wonder when I was planning to start school again the same question. Well, I barely found a lot about this topic. Since now I am doing it I thought it would be great to share.

You do it because it’s the only way to give your daughter everything she deserves. I want my daughter to have a house where we can have dogs running around. I want her to have a place she can call home.

I mean I live in an apartment and every night we hear screaming and crying and fighting and if there isn’t a police car parked in the front of the lobby it’s a good week.

So the first step is asking if you can handle it.

If your sure if you’re determined there is no going back now.

Time to plan. Planning consists of figuring when you can go to school and work.

I work a 9-5 job Monday to Fridays. I decided I’ll take classes after work and some online.

Talk to your partner and grandparents. You will need someone to help you during this crazy time. Someone to watch the baby when you’re at school and possibly help around the house here and there.

My mom picks up my daughter 3 days a week from daycare. Those days I am in school. She watches her until hubby comes home from work.

Also, a good tip is to talk to your boss. Sometimes my classes interfere with my work schedule by a half hour. I talk to my boss about how I can stay later to make up for the days that I have to leave early to get to class on time.

The last step is to make time for you. Whatever that time might be spent on, have a little time for yourself. I LOVE to play video games. Sunday nights after dinner is cooked, I go and play for 2 hours. That’s my time.

I also make sure Saturdays we do a family activity to make it up to my daughter and hubby since I’m away during the week.

Time management yourself. You will realize you have more time than you thought. Spend your time wisely. The extra time you have, spend it having “you” time or spend it going to the park with your kids.

I can gladly say I have successfully finished my first semester with a 4.0 Avg, I’m doing fine at work and my daughter is one happy baby who loves loves loves pizza and indoor playgrounds.

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