It’s not even close to Halloween just yet. But I remembered this event randomly and thought it would be nice to share.

I used to live in a community of houses. You probably see them around. It’s like a little area you turn in and it’s full of the exact same house side by side.

Every year I have lived there I always wanted to hand out candy but something always came up. I had work until really late or I had Halloween plans of my own.

Anyway at this time I was working as a receptionist at a beauty salon. The hours were terrible. I only assumed that because I would get home around 9:30 pm this would be another year of not handing candy out.

I’m a very festive person. I enjoy seeing children in costumes and getting excited for this particular day. It might be because I had such amazing memories of Halloween as a child.

Anyway this day, I knew, I wasn’t going to give out candy. Which really bummed me out. Every year I say next year I’ll do it and I just don’t. So 8 pm had hit and I was off work. It was a long day at work like it always is dealing with superficial women, but that’s another story for another day.

I go on the bus and start seeing children going out for their fun night around their block. I smile as I love how creative these children get on Halloween.

I get off the bus at 9 pm. Yes, it takes me an hour to get home. Which is why the thought of Halloween was a no go for me.

As I walk towards my house I see children still going around trick-or-treating and I decided maybe it’s not too late to hand out candy.

Which then got me all excited. I ran to the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart. It was about a 10-minute walk but I ran so it took me half the time. I bought an overpriced box of chocolates and shimmied my way back to my community of houses.

As I am walking and remind you it’s dark and cold. I see the group of children I had previously seen going around asking for candy, leaving. They were leaving my duplex and either going home or going to another set of houses down the block.

They were the only group of children I saw in my duplex and I desperately did not want to miss out on yet another Halloween.

So I started running as fast as I can towards the group of children and their parents.

I screamed out “HEY WAIT UP KIDS”.

I guess it was dark or something but I heard the parents start telling the kids to walk faster (away from me).

During the adrenaline rush, I thought maybe they don’t understand that I wanted to give them candy.

I screamed out “I HAVE CANDY”

Now the children have started speed walking/ lightly jogging away from me.

I still was confused so I thought maybe they think I’m a threat. The parents were just scared of strangers.

So I thought maybe they don’t see I have candy. They might think I’m like those weird kidnappers that tell kids they have candy.

Instead, I ran as fast as I could to catch up and grabbed hand fulls of candy and started throwing it at them.

At this point, the children are running away. Mother’s are saying “ignore her run!”

To which I thought was a misunderstanding and continued to throw candy and run in their direction.

About 30 seconds later a father comes out of nowhere coming in my direction and says “don’t come near my fucking children”.

I stop dead in my tracks.

Before I could explain myself…

The father screams, “Don’t take another step. Don’t come close.”

I’m shaking I just wanted to hand out candy.

I hear a mom refer to me as “crazy lady”.

I was about to cry. But I held it in. I turned around and walked the other direction.

I was so embarrassed. It was a complete misunderstanding. Looking back I totally get it some random person is running throwing candy at your child and yourself. Of course, you would go into defense mode.

Anyway, now my daughter hands out candy. A 3-year-old child is less threatening I guess.


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