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I have always wanted that best friend; the Millhouse to my Bart, that Stewie to my Brian or that Pikachu to my Ash. So whenever I met a potential girl whom I could see being that title, I asked her what her hobbies or her interests were. I assumed having the same likes would automatically build this eternal bond. Yet in a way that was only half true.

I met a girl from work. She ranted to me about life; I listened and tried to give her advice. I didn’t think anything would come of it. We came from different worlds. She was very into cars, I was very into books. We had opposite interests I would say.

But how I knew she was the one?

I like to go out. Not anywhere specific, not just bars and clubs. I just like to go out whether it is just to walk around the streets or go grab a bite to eat.  But now entering adulthood, things like these are limited. People work the next morning or people have kids and whatever adult issues arise that prevents them from spending a night out.

My life fell into the same pattern work, school, parent, repeat.

I decided to call the girl from work to tag along for desert one night. One thing lead to another and boom bam it was a really fun night. We laughed and talked and had a blast. Where exactly did we go that was so fun, that made me think hey this could be my BFFL?


We went to Walmart then chilled in the car wrapping birthday presents.

Call it what you will but it was a last minute, spontaneous night out and HELL it was fun! We don’t have the same interests like watching horror movies which I love and she hates. BUT we have something in common and I don’t know how to rephrase it but we are down kind of people.

Like call me up give me 10 minutes I am there and she’s exactly the same! I love that about us and now we go out and just let the day drag us to our next adventure. Sometimes its lunch at Denny’s, other times its shots at a bar but for some reason it ends up back at Walmart.

Either way she’s down for a Walmart or IKEA run and so am I!

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4 thoughts on ““The Best Friend Title”

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