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Does anybody know how they came to the realization Santa isn’t real? I only assume you believe in it as a child and as you grow older you understand that realistically He is made up. Anyways every since I was little I was told Santa was real. He would give me a gift on Christmas and I got to take pictures with him every year. I even laid him  out cookies at night for his long trip across the world.

I was about 6 or 7 at the time when I started to become proactive. I always wanted to help in anyway I could. I used to help wrap presents with my Aunt Vicky. We would make them all look nice with ribbons and bows.

So while we were wrapping presents she told me hey Put a name tag on this gift. I replied with sure and did as she asked. Afterwards she said, “Ok now take the pen and write From: Santa”

I froze.

Thought about it.

Everything made sense.

There was no Santa she was Santa! Why did all Santa’s wrapping paper look like my Aunt Vicky’s.

She never realized she blew it with the whole Santa thing.

She ended up making me realize the tooth fairy wasn’t real too. I woke up in the middle of the night to see her hand under my pillow.

Let’s just say she isn’t very sneaky.

Thanks Aunty Vicky.

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