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So awhile back now I started seeing this guy Bryce. We met on an online app. Whenever I chat with someone I’m blunt what do you want? What are you looking for and also I have a daughter.

Let’s be honest dating online is like a manufacturing line. You have to go through all these people one by one until you find a decent person to talk to. So I cut to the chase. Let’s not waste each others time now.

Bryce tells me he’s trying to find the right girl. He wants to settle down and be in a long term relationship. I say well I am not closed to the idea but I want to take things slow see where it goes and just casually date and then who knows.

I personally don’t like to say long term as I feel like it forces two peoples to try and make it work. Where dating should be fun and easy going before all the intense seriousness plays a role.

Plus it is my game to play it cool.

First date he took me out to lunch as he is off on Tuesdays. He picked me up and we had a nice lunch. It was a bit awkward as I thought he was quite shy and I did most of the asking of questions. But he was very cute and nice so I enjoyed our date.

Then he texts me saying he had a really great time and wants to see me again.

So a couple days later I see him again. We go to a nice dinner on lake shore which I was greeted by him with a huge bouquet of violet roses (Purple is my fave color).  He held my hand at dinner and said that he didn’t want the night to end.

I felt like I was floating on clouds how sweet he was.

That night he said that he really does want something serious and this might be where he’s found it. Though we didn’t go much deeper than that it was nice to hear.

Ever since then we talked on the phone and texted whenever we didn’t see each other. I always woke up to Good Morning Beautiful and ended my nights to texts like “I can’t wait to see you again”

He was hinting to me that he would like it if I stopped talking or dating other people because he was exclusive to me. I said lets take it slow and not get too carried away. He insisted to prove to me he wasn’t seeing anyone else by showing me his phone. But I declined I didn’t need to invade privacy.

Third date we went to Playdium and played a bunch of games. It was fun and he’s really good at beating me at everything. Then he wanted to show me his new place.

*I told myself to take it slow since you like him*

So when we got there we talked and watched a movie. He had his arms around me and then we shared our first kiss.

Then he leaned in for more of an intense make out session which I didn’t want to get carried away. So I cut the kiss short and told him it was time for me to head home. He insisted I stay the night and continued to try and make moves. I argued it’s best we take it slow in which he exhaled with disappointment but agreed.

The following days he had asked to see me every single day but I was preoccupied with work. Finally I had an opening and agreed to see him for our fourth date. He was ecstatic, and said he had missed me, and that we need to organize certain days that we can spend more time with one another.

Fourth date. We planned to see each other but we didn’t decide on what we were doing. So I called a couple hour before our date to verify and he said maybe we would watch another movie at his place but I politely declined. I wanted to go out get to know him more. He asked 3 more times in which gave me a weird feeling inside as I had already declined. I said I would love to spend more time with him just not in bed right now.

By the time I got ready to meet him waiting for his text saying he’s outside to pick me up I get a text saying:

Hey..I think we should stop seeing each other before things get too serious. I have realized I am looking for something else and I am not ready for a relationship as of right now thanks. I don’t think we are on the same page with what I want.

I repeat… “with what I want” what does he want? Let’s all take a guess shall we?

I paused.. Thought about it and said to myself what an asshole. I had realized he had been pushing me to come over to his place for our fourth date for sometime. But I kept declining and I guess he isn’t going to stick around anyone who won’t give him some ass.

We could say I’m jumping the gun but it’s just coincidence that I keep declining to come to his place, and all of a sudden he isn’t ready for a committed relationship.

Very interesting.

Thank god I never slept with him.

Long term relationship my ass.

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